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Botanische Fotografie Frühlingsblumen Fine Art von GeorgiannaLane

cool Botanische Fotografie Frühlingsblumen Fine Art von GeorgiannaLane... by


Purple Hyacinth....Love this flower...smells bad it only blooms once in early spring :0(


Charming shades of light and deep pink combine with creamy white and peachy pink to create the Berries and Cream Hyacinth Mix.Hyacinths are fragrant, perennial, pest resistant and easy to grow. 8 bulbs per pack

Hyacinths - Heavily scented and come in an array of colours including white, pink, purple and blue.


Amazing and Most Beautiful Hyacinth Flowers Pictures

Picture of Common Grape Hyacinth Flowers

Blue Flowers: Picture of Common Grape Hyacinth Flowers: Common grape hyacinth is aptly named. Its flower spike produces small, fragrant flowers packed closely together, looking a bit like a bunch of grapes (especially before the blooms open, as they are rounded at this time). Despite its name, this is a distinct spring bulb plant from common hyacinth flowers (Hyacinthus orientalis). The latter's blossoms are star-shaped when fully open, and the overall size of the plant is greater.

My favorite scent, hyacinths in the evening breeze on a beautiful spring day. Can't wait until spring gets here and I can pick some and put them in vases around the house!