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Community Post: 19 Cute Things To Do For Your Partner

Valentine's Day gift ideas


an easy little thank you for that someone in your life - a teacher, a husband, etc.


I love fun little love notes.  They are some of my favorite things to make and share.  And one of my favorite things to do for my husband.   It is, once again, another example of how something so small and easy can completely turn a regular day into a fantastic day.

62 Things to Say to Make Your Husband Feel Great

The people who give you peace are the ones you keep.


A man deserves more tenderness than he is often given by the woman in his life. Ladies, if you expect to be praised, romanced and treated with the utmost loving consideration by your man, you must be willing to reciprocate these relationship affirming actions for him. Both sexes appreciate compliments, encouragement, support, patience, and forgiveness from their partner.

Sometimes I forget to appreciate the big things he does for me because its easy to get caught up in the little things he doesn't do. Need to remember this at all times!!!


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