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Hurricane Information

Foliage garland with flowers and candles along the top table. Something along these lines, with softer foliage and some hints of soft pink too.


HAARP-in Alaska - scary stuff!//Yeah Google HAARP and see what else it can project into the sky...and also see its effects with Hurricane Katrina...our governments delayed response to help the victims in Louisiana. Think.


The term hurricane is derived from Huracan, a god of evil recognized by an ancient tribe from Central America. In other parts of the world, hurricanes

from Done Dreaming

Dance through the Storm

I started the year with no goals other than to find my Joy and dance with it lovingly.  Fingers entwined, flowers in my hair, silk swirling around my legs. Visualise what makes my heart soar and do…

from Sea of Atlas

Creating a cozy home, hygge style

Rustic brass and copper meet geometric shapes in terrarium lanterns. For more information on how we could recreate this image visit or contact


❥ HAARP~ the new '1984' Heard about this years ago but the first time I've seen pictures of it. Can you say creepy!!!!

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"Here sleeps a girl with a head full of magical dreams, a heart full of wonder, and hands that will shape the world."


Brooke marks-Swanson - back of a brooch - copper, fabricated and painted "I am drawn to the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. Aerial photographs of hurricanes above water are stunning and seductive. The soft spiral and eye inform of terror and devastation. My object is to cause the viewer to speculate, imagine and to investigate, in a personal way, those issues relative to a sense of beauty, which drives the focus of my research." 495$