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The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin. I can't lie I would really like one, the books while being a simple read were not simple concepts. I also love the idea of the mocking jay.


WOW! This Looter was able to complete her Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin collection with a little help from her November Combat crate.


I do not think Suzanne should write a fourth book in the 'THG' series. I think it's good where it was left off. Though, it would be interesting if there was a fourth book of short stories. By example, a short story written in the pov of haymitch when he was in the games. Or the story of Mags when she witnessed the war before 'THG' we're created. Something like that would be great to read.


Just like the hunger games but a different plot and different characters. I'll assign characters and which district they come. There will be hunger games held as well. Each person will be given 4 fcs; 2 boys 2 girls. Message me for questions. :) tag people if they might be interested!! You can be a stylist and/or a person from any district 1-13