Balsa Strips 1/16 x 1/8 x 36 (57) by Midwest Products Co.. $15.88. MID. Grown on a privately owned farm in the warm, humid tropics of South America, Midwest's Balsa is the finest balsa wood available. It has been carefully dried in special kilns, reducing the water content and leaving a light wood with a high strength to weight ratio. This is the perfect wood for all types of modeling projects; it cuts easily, can be painted, and can even be stained to represent other types of...

Air temp to humidity ratio

The Kestrel 4200 Pocket Air Flow Tracker monitors and reports an extensive list of environmental parameters — from temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) to barometric pressure, altitude, relative humidity, and more**. Like all Kestrel 4000-series meters, the Kestrel 4200 also stores that information and even charts up to 2000 data points for later analysis. The Kestrel 4200 has all available monitoring functions of the Kestrel 4000, plus Humidity Ratio and Air flow (CFM).

Lenovo 78Y1173 2448HB6 MON. GeneralLenovo ThinkVision L1951P (19in wide) LCD MonitorPart number 2448HB6 Brightness 250cd/m2. Contrast Ratio 1000:1 Height Adjustment Metric 80 Height Adjustment Metric Units mm. Operating Humidity + Units 80% Min Operating Humidity + Units 10% Max Operating Temperature + Units 40C Min Operating Temperature + Units 0C Power Consumption + Units 19W Weight US 9.4 Weight US Units lbs Width 440.9mm Width (US) 17.4in. Humidity 10 Minimum Operating Humidity Units…

#Kanomax 2211 Indoor Air Quality Monitor measures dew point, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity, humidity ratio, and % outside air. Learn more and SHOP:

1. sensible heat is removed (no moisture condenses) 2. sensible heat is added (the humidity ratio and dew point are constant) 3. latent heat is removed (moisture is removed from the air) 4. latent heat is added (moisture is added to the air, but the dry bulb temperature is constant)

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Dot Line SWIVI External Monitor for DSLR. Free Shipping and 14 Days Money Back Guarantee. Humidity10-90%. Resolution800x600. Aspect Ratio4:3. Brightness350cd/UF. Contrast Ratio500:1. InputsMini HDMI. OutputsHDMI. Power<3W. Working Temperature32-104°F (0-40°C).

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