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Autumn (Fall) Photography - Capturing Colours

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Strangely Sexy Photos of Models Writhing Behind Colorful Plastic

Skin Deep, by the French photographer Julien Palast:

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I absolutely love this picture. It shows that we are just one race of people from the lightess of complexions to the darkest.

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We’re all the same underneath. A campaign against racism by Ecuador-based digital compositor David Vargas.

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Magazine - Marty Nagalla: Fair Innocence

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Fat tissue. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a sample of fat tissue, showing fat cells (adipocytes, blue) surrounded by fine strands of supportive connective tissue. Adipocytes are among the largest cells in the human body, each cell being 100 to 120 microns in diameter. Almost the entire volume of each fat cell consists of a single lipid (fat or oil) droplet. Adipose tissue forms an insulating layer under the skin, storing energy in the form of fat, which is obtained from…

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Intimate portraits of Indian paupers reveal face of poverty

The face of poverty: Intimate portraits of Indian paupers reveal toll of life in villages where people survive on 33 pence per day | Daily Mail Online

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Melanin Map - - - THIS IS WHY RACISM IS THE DUMBEST CRAP EVER. ITS SCIENCE. how is this so hard for people?

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