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Human Skeleton Images

from Bit Rebels

Art Made From A Human Skeleton - Photography Inspiration

Francois Robert

Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, England. In 1903 the remains of a human male, since named Cheddar Man were found a short distance inside Gough's cave, he is Britain's oldest complete human skeleton having been dated to approx. 7150 BCE. Mitochondrial DNA taken from the skeleton has been found to match that of Adrian Targett, a man living in the area today indicating that Cheddar Man is a very distant ancestor, amazing!

from Mail Online

As a mysterious skeleton is washed up on a British beach... Do sea monsters REALLY exist?

Washed up: Margaret Flippence, 55, was walking on the Scottish beach with her husband Nick when she found this unknown creature's skeleton


I like how this has been drawn with the amount of detail as well as how the Artist uses tone.

from Kotaku

Picked Clean

Dragon by Natalia Milushko | Fantasy | 2D | CGSociety via"you have to be careful when opening the portal. Death itself will try to come back"