This is so true I have tried this so many times whith different things it never works!

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The true purpose of zen is, to see things as they are, to observe things as they are, and to let everything go as it goes. (Shunryu Suzuki) image from zen wall art

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I have more time? . If I'm any happier and feel any more blessed that would be a miracle. I have had a difficult life but also an amazing one too.

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I find that around most people, I'm INFP, with some, I'm INFJ, and with a small few I'm INTP... I think I'm a little confused...

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The Twin Flame Stages - "1) Recognition/Awakening 2) Ascension Begins 3) Learning and Evolving Together 4) Mirroring/Running/Chasing 5) Vibrational Alignment 6) Twin Flame Union Process Begins 7) Twin Flame Union"

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A little gardening humor, but in truth, let's take care of each other. Let's help each other, and watch each other grow.

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