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Kidney Anatomy & Physiology...the smartest organ in the far!! Just gotta pee!


Monsantos Roundup is Killing Human Kidney Cells - article at

from Live Science

3D-Printed Kidneys Take Small Steps Toward Organ Replacements

Kidneys represent the human organ in highest demand among the more than 120,000 U.S. patients currently waiting for organ donations.

Anatomy Of The Human Kidney Human Kidney Anatomy Diagram | Www.oustormcrowd

William Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer and other diseases: anti-angiogenesis.

What is acute kidney injury? Causes for acute kidney injury....Human kidney fails due to different types of kidney diseases, in these acute kidney is one. What is acute kidney injury? and causes for acute kidney injury are described here.

A really good site for loads of info on GMOs, sustainable agriculture, etc. They have a huge list of articles and publications. Agriculture beyond the Green Revolution: Shaping the Future We Want

The stages of decellularization of a human kidney

Awesome electron micrograph of a kidney glomerus. Glomeruli are part of the smallest functional unit of our kidneys.