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Human Development Report


What's the difference between these two brains?

Images of the brains of two three-year-old children clearly showing the effects of neglect - What's the difference between these two brains?

from BBC News

The great myth of urban Britain

This is how the UK and Ireland look at night - photo taken from 230 miles above, in space, by an astronaut!

from Sploid

The science of happiness explained in one infographic

The science of happiness explained in one infographic. Visit for more information and resources from Counseling Insite. Knowledge is Power

from Xenophilia (True Strange Stuff)

Insects become fly-on-the-wall spies with tiny cameras, radio controls and microphones

Fly on the wall! The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working to develop cyborg insects that carry spy equipment. To make the insects as inconspicuous as possible, miniaturized brain probes are inserted during the pupa stage. The idea is the ultra-light implants will naturally integrate into the body of the developing insect.

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HR Metrics And Indicators [INFOGRAPHIC]

What do we measure in HR? If we make an assumption that we measure what is important for management and company’s CEO, here we have a clear picture of our priorities. It looks like this: turnover, retention and absence take the first place as 19 % of all respondents report these metrics next goes development cluster with 17% other areas that are occupying our attention is employee productivity (16%), general workforce profile (16%) and employee engagement (12%)

from Condé Nast Traveler

The U.N. Says: The Best Country in the World Is...

This Scandinavian country claimed the top spot—for the 12th year in a row—in the United Nations' Human Development Report.