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Human Branding

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How Body Branding Works

Getting Branded: How It's Done - How Body Branding Works | HowStuffWorks

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People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic. Seth Godin #marketing #quote

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Why New Zealand is mad for knitwear

Credit: Peter Hunt/Observer Chelsea Metcalf, musician Chelsea makes music under the moniker 'Watercolours', playing what she calls 'dream pop'.Q: Do you think Kiwis have a particular affinity with knitwear?A: I wish the affinity manifested itself with sheep running through the city but I suppose we have to make do with Merino-clad humans scurrying about their daily business for now.Jumper by Leutton Postle

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How to Build a More Human Brand Story

How to Build a More Human Brand Story #digitalmarketing

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Shoot me, Print me, Tuck me, Fold me and then Shoot me Again

Shoot me, Print me, Tuck me, Fold me and then Shoot me Again. Aldo Tolino’s human portraits are of a creative loop which goes along the lines of: shooting a portrait, printing it on paper, then creasing it, tucking it and folding it until a brand new facial expression is created before shooting the printed-portrait-turned-sculpture for the final result. During this process, the more you rearrange the shape of the triangle grid on the surface the more facial expressions you generate.