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The Hubble Extreme Deep Field: the most distant image of the Universe ever created. The light from the most distant visible objects was created more than 13 billion years ago.

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The Hubble eXtreme Deep Field 19" x 13" Poster - Science Astronomy Wall Art - Window on the Universe series

Hubble eXtreme Deep Field XDF: 2012 October 1 What did the first galaxies look like? To help answer this question, the Hubble Space Telescope has just finished taking the eXtreme Deep Field (XDF), the deepest image of the universe ever taken in visible light. Text: APOD 2012 Oct 1 Image Credit: NASA, ESA, G. Illingworth, D. Magee, and P. Oesch (UCSC), R. Bouwens (Leiden Obs.), and the XDF Team From $7 See more at: