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Baikal UI kit – footers

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Ice Cream Truck Enamel Pin

Ice Cream Truck Pin


Best WordPress Themes Designs #creative #awards - use of brand identity angled lines

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9 Best Call-to-Action Words and Phrases

Online design

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Hover.css – CSS3 Library With More Than 40 Hovering Effects

Hover.css – CSS3 Library With More Than 40 Hovering Effects - Hongkiat


Facebook Launched ‘Messenger Lite’ for Connecting More People

#Repost @lukyvj with @repostapp Hello guys! So today beside working on the next release of colorify.js I developped a small other project called butt.js It's all about hidden content on the back of a component! Revealing itself with a 3d-transform flip! This solution works as a plugin to generate a panel behind an element writing the content in pure HTML and since it's in JS you can easily use it like you would use a template ( like handlebars) by using variables in the HTML content…

Here's an actual screenshot of a very famous Wikipedia article on Nuclear Physics. If you were to copy this article for say a homework assignment you'd spend an immeasurable amount of time finding and removing the footnotes hyperlinks (the blue stuff) references bibliographies and... I could go on forever but long story short - a lot of other unnecessary stuff. I created a website called Gwiki to solve this problem. Give it a Wikipedia link and it removes everything you don't need leaving…

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How to Add Social Media Buttons to Wordpress

How to Add Social Media Buttons to your WordPress Blog