Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) and appear as lumps of skin. They appear when the top layer of the skin is infected, which creates a wart that can look really ugly. We are all susceptible to warts, but the biggest risk lies within children...

Lemon water has a lot of good properties, but if you add turmeric in that juice it will be a bomb of vitamins.It will give you energy during the hole day...

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Lauric acid is a saturated fat found in coconut oil. It's known to inhibit viral production and is often used to combat a wide variety of viral infections, from the common cold, flu, swine flu and cold sores to genital herpes, genital warts due to HPV infection, and HIV.

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In the Biogetica HPV Freedom Kit - Wartex Cream is for local application traditionally believed to support normal structure and function of skin, when concerned with warts. Wartex Pills is a comprehensive resonance homeopathic #therapy believed to support

Reduce Your Risk of HPV-Herbal antiviral therapies can help the body fight off HPV Q: I’ve been hearing a lot about HPV lately. What is it exactly and are there any natural treatments that help prevent it? —Anna Louise, Seattle There are at least 60 types of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), the virus that causes warts. Most warts stay at a superficial (epithelial) skin level, go away on their... Read more » www.betternutrition.com

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How to remove skin tags and warts on your body naturally with coconut oil!

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