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How to set up marijuana grow lights (picture diagram). View full article on setting up MH/HPS grow lights here:

Why use foam as part of your stealthy exhaust system? "Secret Window Technique" Source:

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LED vs HPS Grow Lights - estagecraft LED Grow Lights

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Stealthy Exhaust System overview. Source:

Metal Halide grow lights are suitable for the vegetative stage of cannabis growth

Eye Hortilux 600w Super HPS Grow Light Bulb 6 Pack

MH/HPS Grow Light Exhaust System Diagram (with carbon scrubber to get rid of smells). Source:

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow lights are well-suited to the cannabis flowering (budding) stage. Getting the right type of lights during the flowering stage will ensure bigger yields and better quality buds. Source:

Cheap CFLs can be used to grow cannabis in stealth situations. Source:

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See the power of HID grow lights like HPS bulbs. While these plants look golden because of the HPS light, they look normal and green under a regular lightbulb. Source:

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