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Howard Hawks, Cary Grant, and Katharine Hepburn on the set of Bringing Up Baby, 1938

Howard Hawks filming Bringing Up Baby, a flop on its original release in 1938, it was about 30 years ahead of its time. Through cable, video and dvd, and downloads it is now universally acknowledged as a classic.

Howard Hawks directs Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn between scenes of "Bringing Up Baby" (1938)

Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell and Howard Hawks on the set of His Girl Friday


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photo candid Rosalind Russell Howard Hawks on set 2540-18

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dean martin photos in rio bravo | Rio Bravo : Bild Dean Martin, Howard Hawks - Rio Bravo Bild 38 von 43 ...

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Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not (Howard...

The role that started Bogie and Bacall: Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not (Howard Hawks, 1944