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How To Tease Hair


18 Hair Hacks, Tips & Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier & Your Hair Better

18 Hair Hacks, Tips and Tricks To Make Your Life Easier |

from Camille Styles

Pretty Simple :: The Not-So-Big Tease

I have a teasing brush really similar to that one and I will never go back to a comb. Teasing brushes are easy on hair and in the end, hair doesn't even look teased, it just looks like it has natural volume. I don't tease as much as in this picture, I just take little sections and take the teasing brush an inch up the section and just brush down 2-3 times and that's it. Best thing ever


With thin hair and a lot of it that I have, I needed a tutorial that made my hair look fuller. Teasing the hell out of your hair and much needed hairspray, I've learned does just the trick.

from StyleCaster

Teasing Your Hair: A Complete Guide

how to tease your hair- every Southern gal should know this but just in case


THIS GIRL IS A FREAKIN' GENIUS!! How to get Volume in your hair (how to tease), via YouTube.

from Stylishwife

25 Retro Hairdos That Still Work Even Today

How to tease hair into a 1960's up do hairstyle Choucroute


40 Super-Simple Messy Ponytail Hairstyles

Messy and Teased Gray Pony It’s amazing how easy you can create this sexy look, whether with your naturally long hair, or with ‘fake’ strands (i.e. a weave). Simply tease all your hair, or air dry without a comb. Put it high up into a ponytail, fasten with an elastic and take a few strands at the hairline out, to complete the look.