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I laughed, Hermione didn't draw it because Hermione can't draw -- "EVEN IF SHE'S READING A BOKK ABOUT HOW TO DRAW HERMIONE CAN'T DRAW"


STOP LAUGHING i dare you to do it!! You should see how elvis looks! >>> Couldn't resist this one!

from The Telegraph


~~Bear Cub ~ learning how to play to an audience | CATERS~~


Everyday at 3:17 I spend 1.1/2 minutes fully focused and mindful of who I am and how I believe in me! at 3:17 my phone is programed to ring to music and wherever I am I stop and dance, laugh, wave and move to the music, and I just concentrate on how good I feel...random dance it's called... thanks to my daughter Lori who showed me. I like it..