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Lack of Sleep Causes and Side Effects #need_help_sleeping #lack_of_sleep #falling_asleep_help #Effects_of_lack_of_sleep #getting_to_sleep_causes

14 Tips on How to fall asleep quickly and peacefully: How to sleep instantly... This sure helps you to sleep before you know it. However, for healthy life its is vital.



=^.^= Just before you get too excited, this is a pdf KNITTING PATTERN, not the actual item! =^.^= The Catipi is an easy to read pattern, with step by step instructions and tips on how to knit, felt and shape this cosy cat den. You can download this pattern instantly and no kitty will ever be able to resist the woolly, cave like goodness! Difficulty level: Easy to Intermediate, knitted in round. Finished size: diameter - 14, hight - 13, suits large cats! Materials: 100% sheeps wool (Risby…

5 How to Improve your Sex Life by Wearing SOCKS! Many people remove their socks prior to going to bed but according to newest studies putting on socks before going to bed spreads the blood vessels and signals the brain that its time to sleep. Besides improving your sleep this nifty trick will also improve your sex life. sex life improve sex life sex life socks homeyog viagra relationship science stimulation sexual blood flow improve sexuality get sleep get sleep fast get…

Top 10 Home Remedies For Neck Pain

If your neck is hurting, you won’t even be able to sleep properly. Everyone has experienced neck pain at least once in their lifetime. Are you also suffering from neck pain or stiff pain? Try this simple neck massage that lasts only for a few minutes but practicing it twice or thrice a day can give you an instant and positive result. #neckpain


Banana Boost Smoothie

One of my first blog posts! A banana boost smoothie! Still made regularly and still a great start to your day. The health benefits are numerous. A quick and easy way to get essential vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients.


How to Improve Sleep Quality with Fibromyalgia

How To Fall Asleep Instantly

Cat Hears Owner’s Realistic Meow And Gets Really Confused

Cat Hears Owner’s Realistic Meow And Gets Really Confused - Click on link to see the video. Both my cats were asleep, they woke up instantly and stared at me for a good 5 minutes after ...


The Truth About Coconut Oil: 10 Facts You Should Know

There are so many food claims out there and it's difficult to determine what's healthy and what's not anymore. The mega-food companies jumping on the healthy bandwagon and making it even more confusing.