Want to know how to create and present an interior design board? The Kuotes has outlined some of the strategies on how to construct and visually present your design concepts that will wow your client.

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Not exactly a rendering but these images show perfectly the reality of building, and how important accurate sections are in your drawing presentations. What are sections best used for? - to show the transference of traffic (people in this domestic example) between different levels or storeys. Actually, these photos are artistically, quite beautiful!

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How to Draw a Bedroom from the Book, Sketching Masterclass Have you ever wanted to sketch out a new bedroom layout to plan where you would like your furniture or thinking of rearranging the pieces? Here is an amazing step by step tutorial on how to sketch a bedroom from the new book Sketching Masterclass.

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How to paint a female face | Digital art | Creative Bloq Charlie Bowater shows you how to render a beautiful female face using Photoshop.

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Join Kate Clarke in her Colour Pencil Textures course as she shows you how to render a wide variety of shapes and textures from the everyday with stunning realism.

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