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10 Stress Relief Tips for Caregivers [Infographic

We've got practical suggestions for how to use these tips in your daily caregiving life.


Some of the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety that are the first to go away with appropriate intervention.


things you CAN control: how long the massage is going to be, how many foils to get in your hair, whether to get a mani or pedi or both. hahaha. Not to cheapen this list or anything. Just, I find that the only thing I want to do when I'm stressed is get pampered. Unfortunately my wallet does not allow me to do such things so I usually just end up doing number 1, 2, or 8..


How to headstand (sirsasana). Step one: head to a local yoga class to get in person instruction, then play at home using a wall. Start with your elbows one forearms distance length away from one another. Walk your feet in to get your hips as high as possible, then start by drawing your knees into your chest and pressing the earth away with your forearms. Once you feel balanced start to take your legs up. Use your breath to stay calm and focussed but don't take it too seriously.


It is often mistaken as unhappiness, fatigue, depression, or being stuck in a rut. It's an emptiness that tells us something's missing. Sound familiar?

Exactly, some people still like to keep repeating theirs mistakes over & over, again! Any hole's a goal, for some, even in their mind 30-40's. I mean really? Grow up :) xx


Research suggests that quieting the mind is one of the best things we can do to improve our overall health. Finding a few minutes a day to learn meditation is a great way to relieve stress and quiet the mind.

from Suzanne Heyn

Here's How The Body Stores Emotions

Learn the science behind how, where and why the body stores emotions. Click through to read and download a special guide for yoga poses to release emotions like anger and sadness.


Tips to reduce anxiety (I do not like how the infographic says "get rid of" anxiety)