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Beginner's Guide to Oil Painting: Article 1 of 3

If you’d like to learn how to paint with oils, this three-part series will show you what supplies you'll need, how to prepare a canvas, choose a subject and get started on your first oil painting.

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The Best Videos to Learn How to #Paint with Oils - Craftfoxes BTW, check out this FREE AWESOME ART APP for mobile: Get Inspired!!!

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How to paint hair in oils by Australian artist Rose Miller of Wolfgang and Rose art. Rose explains this super easy and logical method of painting hair in oils. Rose also explains the technique of painting glazes and glazing in oil paint.

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Top 10 Tips for Beginning Oil Painting

Learn How to Begin Oil Painting on Canvas: Artist's equipment of two brushes, three tubes of oil paint, and a metal dipper

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Oil Painting For Beginners: How to Paint Landscapes

Learn how to paint skies, trees, and even figures that fit your landscapes through this video that teaches the basics of oil painting for beginners.

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How to paint a eye in Oil dry brush technique. I am Stefan Pabst and i am a portrait painter and prefer the dry brush technique. Portraits in dry brush looks...

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