Toffee Apple Jam~The crackly hard almost over the toffee apples were my favourite part. The crackly hard almost over-sweet toffee giving way to a juicy apple underneath.

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Classic British pub food of semi-hard cheeses, bread, ham and some pickle elements like pickled relish and pickled onions.

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This spicy vegan potato curry is full on with flavour and easy to make with pantry staples. Fried potatoes are simmered in a spicy and savory tomato-cashew sauce infused with delicious, aromatic Indian spices. You’ll be surprised by how tasty the humble potato can be!

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(Website: The Deviled Egg Gourmet -- The Recipes): ... Easy Classic Deviled Eggs...... Relish & Horseradish Deviled Eggs..... A Little Bit Devilish Deviled Eggs.... Crunchy Veggie Deviled Eggs..... Crab & Celery Deviled Eggs.... Deviled Eggs to Serve 50.... Shrimp and Olive Deviled Eggs.... Caviar Deviled Eggs with Dill.... An Oldie from a Classic Cookbook.... Sweet and Sour Deviled Eggs.... Dameon’s Red Deviled Eggs....

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