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A place to mix and smash plants and water, needs only a few bowls and a stick, but is a great place to learn about how things change and sense of capability. medicine making - Stomping in the Mud


How to make a circular paved area: Give your garden curves with a circle of rustic brick paving, complete with a delightful centre pattern pressed into the mortar


We found this picture of Meg before she went missing. She must have had a wig on that day. She was a blonde.


PURPLE WITCH SALT: In a Mortar and Pestle, blend together Sea Salt, Purple Herbs and Flowers of your choice, such as Lavender or Lilac, and purple food coloring if you choose. Imagine the intent of why you are using this Salt, as you place the energies into the blend. * Double Salt to other ingredients. Store in a jar in a cool, dry place.


Brick Walkway Patterns | Mortar Base Brick Driveway - Laying Tips | How to Build a House I was just given a pile of bricks that I can't even pick up, but when I do I want to make a little area in my back yard with them. Thanks Earnie!


At first glance, it is an oddity.A dream made reality by mad mathematics and architecture. A place where one time industrial revolution swept the nation. As the green of the forest grow to consume this brick and mortar, it stands defiant. It's shape like the number one makes one think it was the best back in time. A fleeting monument to Human impact upon the earth and how it will slowly erode away.

from Midwest Living

How to Make Mosaic Garden Projects

How to Make Mosaic Garden Projects | Midwest Living ~ i see a whole kitchen counter top made like this.....

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How to Make Homemade Curry Paste

How to Make Homemade Curry Paste. Made curry paste from scratch in Thailand. Best tasting curry of my life!