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How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar, Super-simple indoor gardening! Growing your own sprouts is so easy......and there are so many varieties too!!

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How to Grow Bean Sprouts in a Jar

~How to Grow Bean Sprouts in a Jar~ Clockwise from upper left corner: adzuki, green lentil, alfalfa, French green lentil, chickpea, mung beans


Dreaming of a green winter: growing sprouts for your chickens (or yourself!)

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How to Grow Sprouts with DIY Sprouting Jars

Getting antsy for spring? Move over winter blues, time for some green love without the wait.Growing your own sprouts is simple and a fab pick-me-up this time of year. You can get your hands on some seeds and watch them grow into a delicious and nutritious treat within days. Make the perfect stir-fry, salad fixings or spicy sandwich addition.


Sprouting is easy! Anybody can do it. Here is what you will need to get started growing sprouts: Seeds A sprouting vessel Trays Potting mix A sprouting rack A drain pan You can do this without building a greenhouse. Believe it or not, the best place for you to grow all your sprouts is right …

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15 Vegetables Magically Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

Place a sweet potato in a jar of water and place it in sunlight. When the sweet potato has send out sprouts, then you can pull them off the sweet potato and plant them in a pot with soil.

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Growing Food in Winter: How to Grow Sprouts