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How To Forget Something

I'm wishing you a happy birthday but don't expect any messages from me this year. I'm letting go of the past. I'm letting go of you.

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.” -UnknownYou just have to find that good in each day, and then even the bad ones don’t seem so bad.


Rose walked into her room, something was off. There was paper in her type writer with words on them "okay...." She said before making her way over to it, it read (picture) "oh my god " she said while rolling her eyes "very funny Jasmine she shouted!"


401 Cooking Tips and Hacks You NEED to know!

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How to Find Extra Storage Space in your Home

acks of doors are great for shoe storage, for coat hooks that hang towels and dressing gowns. But don’t forget the inside of cupboard doors too. I love the way this door has been turned into the craft storage, such a fabulous idea. Wardrobe doors are great for hanging jewellery, ties and scarfs, or any kind of accessory really.

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Quinoa with stir-fried winter veg

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Nikon D7100: 10 things you need to know

10 things you may not know about your camera (but probably should)


~~~~~~~Together...Kindred Spirits~~~~~~~~ We all live many miles apart. What we think, what we believe and how we each live will always be complicated and diverse. It is the love we share; Heart to heart and soul to soul that weaves us together into kindred spirits.

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Use a Wooden Spoon to Stop Pots from Boiling Over

Use a wooden spoon to stop pots from boiling over- not a recipe but deserves a place on the board!