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How to Make a Propane Forge

In this Instructable I show you how to make a high efficiency propane forge. I have made a few forges so I have a good idea how they go together but I will give reference and credit to Ron Reil and his designs, that is where I learned how to build them over 12 years ago.This forge can be used for knife making, blacksmithing, glass making or anything else you can think of that requires heating up stuff to a really hot temperature.I have access to a welder so I was able to weld some parts…

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DIY Tutorial: Hand Stamped Bar Keyring

For an ideal DIY Father's Day Gift, try out this Hand Stamped Keyring! Full instructions on the blog:


#BuildYourOwnAtHome Forge glass or metal in emergency/survival situations? Its cool to forge you own knives/tools from scratch? Want to impress your lady that you not only know how to forge metal; but know how to build your own forge from scratch? Making or shaping metal objects by heating it in fire and then beating and hammering is the true essence of what it means to be a man. Step-by-step video & image instructions…


How to Sharpen an Axe - Picture Heavy “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” –Abraham Lincoln


When Something Goes wrong in your life just yell plot twist and move on How To Deal With Perfectionism And Creativity #goodquotes #life


Learn how to make a more intricate necklace while perfecting forging and polishing techniques. I will also pull in more techniques on symmetry, particularly

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Metalsmithing 101: How to Make Rings the Simple Way

Learning how to make rings is demystified in this ring-making tutorial that shows you how to make rings in only an hour! #jewelrymaking #ringmaking #DIY

@resumedesignco Making Yourself Employable: How To Land A Job As A Graduate #Infographic #Career #Job

Making Yourself Employable: How To Land A Job As A Graduate #Infographic

@resumedesignco Making Yourself Employable: How To Land A Job As A Graduate #Infographic #Career #Job