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How To Design Logo


Logo Design in the Digital Age – Say a Lot with Very Little

How to Design a Unique and Unforgettable Logo? infographic

from Gemma Sands | Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Natural Wellness

HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR BRAND + free workbook!

HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR BRAND + free workbook! — Gemma Sands | Life and Business Coach for heart-led women entrepreneurs

from Creative Bloq

How to choose a colour scheme for your logo design

How to choose a colour scheme for your logo design | Logo design | Creative Bloq

from Spoon Graphics

How To Create Geometric Stripy Line Art in Illustrator

How to Create Geometric Stripy Line Art in Illustrator. Multiple paths going in multiple directions.

from Spoon Graphics

How To Create an Animated Neon Sign Effect

pizzas are flat....and a truck with this logo is in each and every Pixar film but one.......they are trying to tell us something...that they don't really want us to know

from Spoon Graphics

Game of Thrones Inspired Line Art Logos in Illustrator

I’ve been having some fun lately creating logo emblems in an abstract design style based on the house sigils from Game of Thrones. This particular style where a subject is simplified and replicated with just straight lines results in cool stylized graphics which make fantastic logo designs. In today’s Illustrator tutorial I’m going to share …

from Tarragon Studios | Branding, Graphic & Website Design Services & Advice for your Small Business

Everything you need to know about logo files, variations, & their uses + free cheat sheet

Shopping for a logo? Making one yourself? Do you want a logo that will look beautiful on your website and in print but you keep getting tripped up in terms like "raster," "vector," or "dpi"? Well then take a deep breath, my friend, grab a cup of coffee and relax. We're going to walk through the basics of: the two types of image/logo files that you need to know the logo creation process common logo file types what types of logo and design variations you may need.

from Creative Bloq

The 10 commandments of visual communication

Here are 10 basic rules to follow if you're creating a GIF, infographic, meme and more…

from Spoon Graphics

5 Free High Resolution Grungy Paper & Card Textures

oh my gosh... this whole entire website. resources galore.


Tamari is a Japanese magazine with unique designs that combine type and…