The best way to cook pheasant breasts will leave them succulent and delicious. Nobody wants a disappointing dry old breast.

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This is a long, slow recipe for roast pheasant, cooked in butter and cream, with a good splash of bourbon. A perfect dish for learning how to cook pheasant.

Glazed Roast Pheasant | A whole roasted pheasant glazed with something sweet, like maple syrup, honey or a fruit syrup — in this case, prickly pear syrup.

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You might be hesitant to cook pheasant due to its reputation as tough, dry meat. But you can roast a pheasant to tender perfection with the proper ingredients and timing. Young pheasants are typically more tender than older birds. Farm-raised pheasants are usually killed young, making them ideal candidates for dinner. If you hunt for your...

or as I like to call it “Pheasant Under Pressure.” Sorry… In my opinion, the best way to cook pheasant is in a pressure cooker. Pheasant has wonderful flavor, but can be tough so it is a natural for the pressure cooker which preserves the flavor and juices, but makes it tender. Here’s a simple …

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