Cod is a delicious fish that will literally melt in your mouth when it is prepared correctly. While recipes vary, baking is widely understood as the best method of preparing cod for its health and taste benefits. This can be an extremely...

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Even if you have frozen cod and limited time, you can still make a complete — and impressive — meal. Most recipes and chefs suggest you thaw cod before cooking it in the oven. However, if you are strapped for time, you can still bake frozen cod without waiting hours for the fish to thaw. Plus, baking frozen cod will still allow you to...

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EASY 20-MINUTE GARLIC AND HERB BAKED COD~~~ If you're wondering how to make fast and easy delicious fish that tastes just like the restaurants make it, than this is the recipe for you!! Salty, creamy, herby and cheesy!

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Pan-roast cod with confit Jersey Royals, pancetta, samphire and lemon. Cod and Jersey Royals make a fine meal in this recipe. Pancetta and samphire add further flavour to this exquisite dish

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