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How To Can Tomatoes

from Thrifty Frugal Mom

How to Can Diced Tomatoes (a step-by-step tutorial)

This easy step-by-step photo tutorial will have you saving money and canning your own diced tomatoes in no time! Who knew it could be so simple?

from Frugal Living NW

How to Can Tomatoes

How to Can Tomatoes: A step-by-step guide

from Cottage at the Crossroads

Homemade Canned Spaghetti Sauce

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce used July 31, 2013. Judging by my husbands expression and sigh after tasting it, I am going to say it is heavenly lol.

from Pip and Ebby

How to Freeze Tomatoes

How to Prepare Tomatoes for Freezing - If you have a bunch of tomatoes on your hands, consider freezing them! It is super easy and can be turned into spaghetti sauce or salsa months later.


How to can Tomatoes, a step by step guide on how to can tomatoes #canning, #Tomatoes,

from The Coupon Project

How I Canned my Garden Tomatoes

How to Can Tomatoes from you Garden from our friends at The Coupon Project.

from BBC Good Food

Apple & cranberry chutney

Apple & Cranberry Chutney - made this last year, takes an hour and a half and seemed to go down very well...or everyone was very polite!

from HubPages

Light, Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe with Tomato, Ginger, Almonds

Prueba esta deliciosa receta más ligera de pollo al curry con tomate en puré y las almendras. Puede variar las especias a su gusto y agregue los chiles cuando sirve para aquellos huéspedes que les gusta el curry caliente

from Melissa K. Norris

How to Make and Can Tomato Sauce

How to make and can homemade tomato sauce safely. You haven't lived until you tasted home canned tomato sauce made with vine ripened tomatoes. Both water bath and pressure canning tutorial!