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How Old Is Lucy

This is just one of the many gorgeous doll patterns available on this website. I love how old fashioned this particular doll is. I will definitely be knitting one just for myself:)


This is our golden cocker spaniel puppy Max - I can't remember how old he was in this photograph, but he looks so cute! Max will be 6 years old in February 2013 - time just flies by!


Do you believe in faeries? Do you want to know how to work with them and bring magic into your life? Wise folk and witches of old have worked with the faerie realm for centuries.


Harry Potter second generation ages - Google Search. This is how old they would be in 2016, so now in 2015, Teddy is 17, Victore is 16, Molly is 15, Roxanne is 14, Dominique and Lucy are 13, Fred is 12 James is 11, Rose, Scorpius, and Albus are 10, Louis and Hugo are 9, Lily is 8, and Lorcan and Lysander are 5.


Read more: Pantosaurus A very special kind of dinosaur dressed in nothing but pants and called –appropriately enough – Pantosaurus is singing a song with its mates, showing kids how to behave if a stranger tries to make them drop their pants. Spot by charity organization NSPCC created to prevent 4-8 year olds from being the victims of physical and sexual abuse. Tags: Lucy Izzard,NSPCC,Aardman Animations, Bristol

These are my 4 cats. Baby male 13 yrs. old Sookie female 4 years old, Lucy 2 years old and Rebel 1 yr. old. Lucy is the kitty of Baby and Sookie. Sookie could not get pregnant because she has leukemia until we took her to the vet and soon after she was with kittens. So Lucy was born from 9 kittens. She was the only one that lived past 1 day. Lucy got outside at 10 months and we didn't find her for 7 weeks. So, while she was gone my heart was broken and that is how we have Rebel.


So many feels at #Breakthrough2016 today. Created by @vicwomenstrust it was a day of conversation keynotes panels and so many emotions based around the questions: How can we move beyond old world views so that everyone has the freedom security and space to reach their full potential? How can we accelerate change on issues lagging behind? We listened to some incredible speakers including @annesummers @leighsales @yassmin_a Richard Denniss and @clareawright among many others. We got angry…