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How Old Are Humans

When discussing truth, we often associate the truth about ourselves, which is often unknown. We gather truth through our senses, such as sight. A man of 70 may feel as young as he did 40 years ago, mentally, but his reflection reminds him of just how old he is. This image gives the impression of someone looking down at their hands, wrinkled and withered, they are reminded of their age and the life they've lead, reminded by the truth, despite how they feel inside.


Magpie Fairy - Discarded as rubbish, or accidentally lost, she finds them irresistible and adorns herself with them. Obviously because she is very tiny, the objects are depicted larger than life. I had great fun deciding which objects may have been discarded by humans and would be small enough and interesting enough for a fairy to collect. Not a traditional fairy but rather a streetwise', happy-go-lucky, modern fairy.


“No human relation gives one possession in another—every two souls are absolutely different. In friendship or in love, the two side by side raise hands together to find what one cannot reach alone.” ::: kahlil gibran

We've found the ultimate brain infographic that explains addiction and how yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can help overcome addictions.

We've found the ultimate brain infographic that explains addiction and how yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can help overcome addictions.


Original trolls that appear in countless tales of Norse mythology seem to be descended from the Jotun. The Jotun were a race very similar to the Titans of ancient Greece. They were sworn enemies of the gods and separated from humans in remote hills, mountains, and forests only through the diligence of the Norse gods where they awaited the end of the world when they would finally battle the Norse gods on an even playing field. Trolls are very similar in their homes as the Jotun or Giants.

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19-Year-Old Artist Explores How Appearance Affects Identity

Rosanna Jones, Photographer & Mixed Media Artist explores how appearance affects identity in her project entitled 'Skin'. Inspired by this François de La Rochefoucauld quote: "We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves." How we feel about our own skin color, body shape, hair, eye color, and even age can affect how we present ourselves to the world.


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Well today, I feel like I gained an old friend who I lost last year. She know's who she is, you my friend.. Are an awesome human being! Xoxox


These are dragons as humans, and there are two things i noticed : -Meatlug looks like Amethyst from Steven Universe . -Check the way Stormfly is holding Toothless (so cute !!!!)


Two Proud Parents

* * CAT SNIP: Bringing Up Baby: The ASPCA has some good advice for people who think they need to give up their cat when a new baby arrives. As they point out, cats can be like " little old maids". They don't don't like change, but can adapt easier if beforehand, you give them extra attention. Looks like these two are already aware of what's going on. And no they're not trying to incorporate the babe into 'future' evil plans. LoL