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Are you curious about how hurricanes form? If so, you're in the right place. Here you'll find links to the National Hurricane Center, information...

Turn the lights on, New Mexico! The elephant ist marching in :) Throwback to May 29th 2015 tornado near Milnesand:

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How Hurricanes are Formed - a Video Lesson for Kids This is a video about how hurricanes form. I would use this during the natural disaster lessons. I would probably start the lesson by showing this video to the students. From there, I would ask them what they thought they were seeing. -EN

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A 2nd grader asked me this today... love how interested a child's mind can be!! Hurricanes: How Hurricanes Form.

Hurricane Season Lessons and Resources: Updated August 2016 We are heading into Peak Hurricane Season (NOAA). Using the resources below, students can track Tropical Storms and Hurricanes, as well as learn about how hurricanes form, the p…


Hurricane! is a PowerPoint presentation on how hurricanes form, the damage they cause, and the methods used by scientists to track them. The modul...

Ever wonder how a hurricane forms? Well, wonder no longer!⎜Infographic by Weather Underground⎜For more infographics, visit

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Hurricanes PowerPoint

All about hurricanes! Information on how these storms develop - hurricane structure, their effects, and how they are tracked, and more. Includes: What is a hurricane?What is the structure of a hurricane?How does a hurricane form?Where and when do hurricanes form?What are the effects of hurricanes?What are the differences between hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones?What is the hurricane classification scale?What is the hurricane strength scale?Evacuation/ PreparationWatches and Warnings…

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Miami Hurricanes Jersey Dress

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Hurricane- Definition/Types/Formation/Names/Interesting Facts

The given PowerPoint presentation is designed as a part of the WEATHER UNIT for the teachers and students to get the basic knowledge about different types of

Go "inside the megastorm" with NOVA and PBS LearningMedia to learn what effect changes to the jet stream and rising sea levels had on Hurricane Sandy's destructiveness. #hurricane #weather #climate

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Hurricane Formation: How Hurricanes Form in the Sahara Desert

How Hurricanes Form in the Sahara Desert