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How Does it Rain? Make it rain in a jar with this simple science experiment for kids.


Why should I adopt a tree? How do I adopt a tree? How can I take care of my adopted tree? Can I give a tree away as a gift? I would like to adopt a com­plete forest My com­pany or orga­ni­za­tion would like to adopt trees Will my tree die of thirst if it doesn’t rain for a long time? What hap­pens if my tree dies or gets destroyed/vandalized/stolen? Does the tree belong to me forever? Do I take any respon­si­bil­ity with my adoption? Who or what is For­est of Peace? .....

How Does it Rain? ~ Learn Play Imagine Add ice to a paper plate on top of a jar of boiled water... As warm moisture rises from the earths atmosphere to the cooler atmosphere higher above the sky, the water vapour condenses and forms droplets (precipitation) that falls to earth as rain sleet hail or snow


How Does it Rain? Simple science experiment to teach kids how it rains.


Replace board of picnic table with rain gutter. Fill with ice and enjoy!


How Does it Rain? ~ Learn Play Imagine

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An expert explains why saving up for longer can make a big difference to the amount lenders charge for a mortgage.

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A new Disney movie will be coming out soon! Inside Out talks about a girl named Riley and her emotions that we get to literally hear.


How Does it Rain? boiling water in the bottom, ice in the plate above.