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Spider web stained glass - would make your house look like a home for fairies! morgan would love it haha

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#Spiderwebs~Love to look at spider webs and would say this is about the coolest set of spider webs I've seen.

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8 facts about the misunderstood house spider

How to Identify Venomous House Spiders

How to Identify Venomous House Spiders--yep scared the crap out of me but was a male house spider.....

How to Identify Venomous House Spiders

The brown recluse spider is one of only two common spider groups in the United States that have venom. The bite, though not usually life-threatening, should be considered dangerous and can lead to severe tissue damage.

How to Identify Venomous House Spiders

Brown recluse have a distinctively smooth appearance, compared to most other spiders its size. The Jumping spider is a natural predator to the brown recluse. I knew I liked jumping spiders for a good reason other than...I think their cute.

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Stained Glass Spider Web with Black Widow Spider

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Spider Web Gate

Cool! You can get a spider web gate custom made by "Art of Metal" in the UK. £480.00

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