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Bundle sticks and twigs in a can and hang in the garden for nesting and hibernating insects

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How to make a solitary bee hotel

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How to build a Bug Hotel :: Garden activities for curious kids

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How to make a mini wildlife stack for your garden

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Bug home for the garden~ I would have loved to play with this as a kid. I love this idea. So CUTE.

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Building a bug hotel or wildlife stack in your garden is a great way to attract beneficial insects and wildlife into your garden such as ladybirds, bumble bees, butterflies, frogs & toads. This will help to create a more diverse range of wildlife in your garden, help tackle those unwanted bugs in your garden and increase pollination.

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Arranging a few old bricks on top of each other makes a simple insect house within minutes. The voids in each layer can be filled with old stems, twigs and other prunings collected from the garden. Bug hotel made from bricks and bamboo - © Lee Avison/GAP Photos

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Insect hotel - really great for kids to make, and a fab way to teach them how important insects are to the health of your garden

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