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Is too much choice leading to overwhelm in your life? With stress, depression and anxiety accounting for 70 million working days lost every year in the UK, at a cost of £100 billion, how do we find ways to push less and bring more flow into our lives Image @Nevess | Credit photography incrusted: Matthew Malkiewicz

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Bullet Journaling Is the New Organisational Method That Will Change Your Life

If you've ever been inside the home of a neat freak, you were probably in awe of the sheer perfection of the place. Books lined up systemically, shoes in a perfect stack, and a remarkable shine from floor to ceiling. If you have aspirations of becoming a


The whole film took me altogether about 5 grueling months (usually 10-12hours a day) to do. I often felt my butt was going to grow into the chair I usually sat at. Please note that this was simply my...

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Vegan Beanball Sub

1427.4k06221 I’ve been wanting to put together this recipe for a while now, but I kept pushing it aside and dealing with all the other recipe ideas that spring into my head at all hours of the day. I swear when it comes to cooking, I am the anti to my normal type A. I...See full recipe »

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50 Jaw-Dropping Examples Of Street Art From Around The World

This is another one of Banksy's pieces. Another dark photo with negative colors to give out the correct mood and feeling. The writing in red makes it stand out from the rest of the work, because its bold and bright. I would like to take this into my own work, make it stand out by using certain colors. Banksy is said to use stencils, which I could also put into my own work.


1999 24 Hours Le Mans race. An aerodynamic fault on the team's Mercedes-Benz CLRs caused Mark Webber to spectacularly become airborne during both practice and race-day warm up, with the same fate befalling teammate Peter Dumbreck five hours into the race. Both drivers escaped uninjured, but the crashes forced Mercedes to shelve their sportscar program for the year.


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Fitting in to the bicycle scene

Eddy Merckx - For those unmotivated days when I told myself, "an easy 30 minute ride" that turned into two hours.