The boiling the dog is very important to get it to plump out, I've seen it fried too works same just more mess. Feeding Kids with Octopus and Crab Hotdogs

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Impending flatmate works nights, i really got into making packed lunches for her last time we lived together. Must do this.

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How to make Mini Pancake And Sausage Octopus Creatures. Ingredients: 16 mini sausages, 100 g pancake mix, 50 g milk, 40 g ketchup, oil for frying, mayonnaise, cheese slices, nori

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Hot Dog Octopus: Here's an easy idea that your kids will absolutely love! Cut your dog in half, then make six slits in the bottom half. Then cook. Cut out two tiny eyes with a bamboo skewer. If you're feeling adventurous, serve with spinach noodles as mock seaweed—otherwise dunk 'em in mustard and ketchup.

My kids crack up every time I put these baked hot dog octopi in their lunches

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