Shade plant combination: Hostas, Japanese Painted Ferns, Japanese Forest Grass

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Hosta 'June' --From England comes this wildly popular, creamy-centered sport of the old standard Hosta 'Halcyon'. Each leaf emerges with blue edges and a brilliant creamy center that gradually changes to dark chartreuse. This is one of those shockingly beautiful hostas that stands out as soon as you spot it in the garden. We recommend some morning sun for best coloration.

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Groundcover- Low-growing, shade-tolerant grass, Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold,' with shiny European ginger, Asarum europaeum, gold Heuchera ‘Citronelle,’ painted fern and Hosta 'June.'

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evergreen Asarum europeaum, Hosta 'June,' Hakonechloa 'All Gold,' and the Japanese painted fern, Athyrium

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Hosta 'June Fever' (I have 1 of these) This sport of the popular Hosta 'June' was discovered in Holland by hosta grower, Jan Van den Top. Hosta 'June Fever' is a mutation that has much brighter gold leaf centers than Hosta 'June', surrounded by the same blue-green border. Hosta 'June Fever' also has a much glossier leaf surface, which is quite stunning in the garden. When the plants are young, the leaf edge appears narrow, but will widen considerably when the 15" tall x 2' wide clump…

Heuchera, diverse kleuren / soorten, het blad is sierlijk hartvormig, mooi in strakke vakken of in pot

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Hosta June Spirit (Funkia, Plantain Lily) Glossy chartreuse foliage is edged by a broad margin of deep green. Leaf centers transform to yellow in summer if planted in part sun. Lavender blue flowers appear mid to late summer. Hosta thrive in shade, even in competition with tree roots, hurray! It is hard to find a garden that won’t benefit from incorporating some Hosta. Attracts hummingbirds and is tolerant to humidity. Learn more at:

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Astilbe Red Charm (Spirea) Tall, gracefully-arching lush rose-pink plumes with red undertones set these apart from traditional upright plumes. Blooms later in June allowing for extended enjoyment. Attractive all season. Astilbe are mainstays of shade and woodland gardens combining well with other moisture loving plants like Brunnera, Ligularia, Lobelia and Hosta. Rabbit and deer resistant, yet attracts hummingbirds and butterflies Learn more at…

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