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55 Dr.Seuss Activities For Kids

Hortons Hears a Who! My sweet father's name was Horton. That is why this book is so special to me.


These Dr. Seuss quotes will inspire you when you’re feeling down


Today I will show you how to draw Horton, the elephant from Dr. Seuss's book "Horton Hears a Who!". This is the book version, not the movie version. The simple step by step guide will show you easily how to draw Horton the elephant.


Free: Dr. Seuss Horton Hears A Who....Horton Labeling Sheet: Cut and Glue Activity. Not For Profit....For Educational Purposes Only. Freebie For Teachers From A Teacher! Enjoy! www.fairytalesand...


Truffula trees, horton hears a who, dr seuss.. instant download jpeg

truffula trees, horton hears a who, dr seuss.. instant download jpeg by studiomarshallarts on Etsy


Horton Hears a Who Hat – Cut 2 4.5”x18” grey strips. Draw Horton type eyes on white paper & cut out, glue to the center of 1 of the grey strips. Cut 2 elephant ear shapes out of grey paper, at the inner part of the ear draw a flap that is connected to the ear before you cut out it will help you attach it. Cut 2 pink inner ears & glue to center of ears. Cut elephant trunk out – at the end of the trunk cut it so it curls around & has a hole in the center–flower goes here. Continued on 2nd…