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Tips For Keeping Livestock Water and Watering Systems Clean

LEARN heat tip: freeze gallon jugs of water and place them in horse's water tanks to keep drinking water cool.

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Use a bucket in an insulated tank to prevent water freezing. Insulate with foam, hay, straw or manure.

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To avoid completely full, frozen water troughs and ensure that there is always access to open water (which is hugely important for horses any time of the year) simply fill a jug half full of salt water. It will always float and never freeze. Horses quickly catch on to pushing down this "bobber" to access open water. How simple is that?! We love it!

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Healthy Stables by Design

An outdoor watering trough becomes part of the landscaping in this horse's pasture. I really love this!

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I LOVE the small paddock around the barn. Would keep from having to chase loose horses around the farm

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