Mane pulling can be a hefty undertaking if not done regularly, so try to pull your horse’s mane frequently to keep the job a fairly easy one. Always pull after you’ve ridden or exercised your horse, as exercise helps to open his pores and makes it easier to pull the mane. Pull just a few hairs at a time, and if there is much work to be done on your horse’s mane then tackle it in sections over a period of a few days to make the job easier on both of you.

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I want to be this good at plaiting someday, but I fear that it is never going to happen. :(

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Very cool. I have done this many times. Fly spray or water comes in very handy when doing this.

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Horse hair is one of the most superior materials for the mattress | At saçı, yatak için en üstün dolgu malzemelerinden biridir.

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Andalusian Stallion's Braided Mane Fine Art Horse Photograph by Carol Walker

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Cowboy Way ~ I've done this with my horse's mane, but it never even occurred to me to do this with her tail... cool horse diamond braid.

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Bringing lessons to life: Miss Higgins with her horse Kiitos who has his skeleton painted on his body

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