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“There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them.” Do you long to escape to the peace and tranquility of the West Country and leave behind all the arguments, traffic, shouting, and TV? We can help you find your dream home in Cornwall or Devon -

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Assignment #3, I rode bareback in the fields with friends to de-stress instead of eating ice cream and watching tv.

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John Wayne Filming "The Undefeated" Premium Photographic Print by John Dominis at

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About that HORSE WHISPERER movie concept... Poster of two lovely gray - white horses beside each other as if talking seems pretty right on with their flat (unhappy) ears. The advice given to people who don't know horse by people who do- as much as we can know these magnificent smart creatures: "We don't whisper things to horses. We let them speak to US." - DdO) -> - Pin via Halee Flemmons with reference to HEARTLAND tv video movie…

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Tally-ho! Meet the real star of Poldark no, not Ross, but his horse

Seamus has equine make-up applied to his socks (ankles) to make them a darker colour

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After the ball I guess)) I wave at my family leaving and frowning when I see charlotte look away and start crying I turn around and walk back inside and walk down the hall I was wearing some casual jeans my hair in a ponytail I put my headphones in and swing my head back and forth my hands in my pockets of my jacket and don't hear you come up behind me

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