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21 Creepy Black And White Photos That Give 'Nightmare' A New Meaning

I included this picture for the creep factor more than anything, however, I think it also relates the archetypal monstrous woman. The whole notion of the monstrous feminine revolves around female power, however, I always found it interesting that if women have power and influence, it rarely results in good and is oftentimes associated with evil. Although this image does not clearly display evil, the horrific aspect of it makes this connection possible. American Horror Story: Coven

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Awkward Family Horror Photo, Lol! Check out our Horror Movies at

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Normally, Photos Don't Frighten Me. But By The Second Picture, I Had The Chills.

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Los 25 mejores posters del cine de terror

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Featured from The Twisted World of Surreal Photography - Surreal More can be found here

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Some Weird Images

i like how this shows past and how people grow up and disappear from these childhood traditions. i like the eerie feel this give off.

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