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The Mind-Blowing art of Pawel Kuczynski (80 Arts)

This is satirizing the fact that the press is always in peoples business. This is Horatian satire.


Social Surrealist Illustrations : Koren Shadmi

Social Surrealist Illustrations - Koren Shadmi Renders Technologically Critical Illustrations (GALLERY)


Many people use their phones at the dinner table instead of directly communicating with their family. They play games or post photos and are uninvolved with the people eating with them. Type: Horatian- The image produces a wry smile, not anger.


Pawel Kuczynski'den Toplumsal Sisteme Göndermelerle Bezeli 26 Yeni İllüstrasyon


This illustration has some irony to it. The man is telling another person a something secret which is supposed to be kept secret. The Twitter bird flying out of his ear suggests that he doesn't keep a secret; instead he puts it right on Twitter for the whole world to see. This is Horatian.

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65 Satirical Illustrations Show Our Addiction To Technology

A very strange image showing how the media is taking away our brains. It's horatian, because most make fun of this anyway.

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Street Artist Depicts Social Media Addiction Through Satirical Graffiti

The picture shows a crying kid who is upset that he doesn't have any likes or follows or comments on instagram. This shows how kids are being raised in a generation where social media is an important aspect of our lives, and if you don't look good on social media then you have failed. It's using more Juvenalian satire than Horatian.


In today's society even young children have smart phones and tablets. This image suggests that is is rare to see a child who does not have a smart phone and wants to play outside. Type: Horatian- This image is witty and does not produce anger.