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Basic hitchhiking guide for a (stressing out) newbie hitchhiker

Did you ever consider traveling just thanks to your thumb? If you are new to hitchhiking, this guide will walk you through the most important tips and tricks - how to find the perfect hitchhike spot, what to wear, how to prepare and if it is safe. Hitchhiking can be great fun and it is my favorite way to travel - not only it is budget friendly, but it also lets you connect with the locals very easily. After reading this, I hope you will gather your courage and become a successful hitchhiker!

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How To Accept Your Children Just As They Are

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How to Book Cheap Flights: Best Tips & Tricks

Air travel certainly has made getting around easy – but airfares are expensive. As a result, everyone hopes to get the cheapest tickets available. As masters of the art of money-saving, we know that we need to have a method to our madness. Let’s take a look at the best ways to ensure you get the cheapest available flight. #DontPayFull

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Top 3 Secrets for Saving Money on Flights

I’m a travel bargain hunter, and while we want to splurge now and then we are always looking for ways to cut our travel expenses. Saving on airfare is the first thing we look at, so here are our top 3 secrets for saving money on flights.

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Cross Body Purses: The Best Travel Shoulder Bags for Women

The best travel shoulder bags for women are cross body purses! Find out why on Travel Fashion Girl!

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24 Things Every Emo Girl Did 10 Years Ago

You learned to play piano in hopes of impressing Gerard Way some day. | 24 Things Every Emo Girl Did 10 Years Ago

how to make your boobs look bigger/ more perky. If you're wearing a strapless, put socks in it. If not, wear two bras & safety pin the straps together. Any other questions, comment & I'll post more or comment back to help. Hope it works!

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You Want To Be Loved, But Also, You Don't Want To Be Loved

You Want To Be Loved, But Also, You Don't Want To Be Loved But, just like anything in life, it will inevitably end. That time is obscure; it could be weeks, months or years. However, before we deal with the damage later, we want to end it before it starts. We just hope that we find that one person who will make us forget about the end and makes us remember to live in the present.