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The four chambers of a cow's stomach and other parts dealt with by tripe dressers: 1) rumen or seam/blanket tripe; 2) reticulum or honeycomb/pocket tripe; 3) omasum or book/bible/leaf tripe; and 4) abomasum or black tripe/manifold/shag (from Marjory Houlihan's 2011 Tripe: A Most Excellent Dish. Prospect Books. Blackawton: Prospect Book.)

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Is tripe being over-hyped?

Veal tripe, consisting of rumen and reticulum. Photograph: Bon Appetit/Alamy


A food fad for our times - the recession diet

Honeycombe tripe on a market stall in Cork, Ireland.

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Fried Honeycomb Tripe

A lot of people are probably familiar with tripe in a Mexican dish called Menudo (soup). However, I grew up eating tripe for breakfast fried with grits. So good… But it is a lengthy process. …

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Make a Flavorful Menudo as Authentic as the Original

Classic Menudo (Mexican Tripe Soup) Recipe

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Deep-fried crispy honeycomb tripe

Speedy discovers the most unusual recipes. Ironically, the ones he finds are recipes I won’t even give a second thought to. Then, they turn out to be so delicious (like that butter-marinated tripe) and I start asking myself why I didn’t discover them in the first place. So, here’s another tripe recipe. Deep-fried. Served with …

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Deep-Fried Tripe

Deep-Fried Tripe | Serious Eats : Recipes