Bee photography, hive photo, honey bee, nature photograph, kitchen art, cottage decor, honey comb, teal brown rustic art - 8x8 photograph on Etsy, $30.00

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English Bumble Bee ~ I love this picture. Bees are actually pretty gentle, and almost like little flying fuzz balls...

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A bee balances two water droplets on its back as it perches on a flower. The picture was taken by keen photographer Agus Sudarmanto near Doha, Qatar. He said: "There is no rain at all here so we have to spray water periodically on flowers. This is the reason there were drops on the bee, but it was amazing how it was just delicately balanced on his back."

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Honey bee making wax ~ fascinating! Honeybees are born with 8 bits of wax on their tummies. They chew them to form the wax needed to build honeycomb on which the bees live.

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Interesting honey bee chart. The picture labeled "it stings" shows a yellow jacket, not a honey bee, to help you know the difference.

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honey bee garden | Honey Bees How I would just die to have such a sweet looking location for my honey making friends! Someday ;)

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I thought the clarity of the bees wings in this shot was very interesting as you can see the veins of the bees wings and the light reflecting off of the plastic like wing.

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