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Facing Uncertainty: Photographic portraits from Kenya

Growing up among the Maasai in Kenya, James tells Ashley that he was the "short, ugly one" in the tribe, as his brothers there were so much more handsome. A truly gorgeous people.

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Discovery of Earliest Homo Sapien Skulls confirms 'Out of Africa' Theory. Oldest fossils of humans found in Herto, Ethiopia. Skulls (two adults & child) 160,000 yrs ago - 40,000 yrs earlier than previous old remains of Homo Sapiens. Clark Howell (UCBerkeley): "the fossils are unmistakably non Neanderthal & show that (modern) humans had evolved in Africa long before the European Neanderthals disappeared. They demonstrate conclusively that there was never a Neanderthal stage in human…

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Ancient humans 'rampantly interbred' with Neanderthals and a mystery species in Lord Of The Rings-style world of different creatures

Ancient humans 'rampantly interbred' with Neanderthals and a mystery species in 'Lord of the Rings' style word of different creatures

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this is exactly what I said. whenever he would come on screen in the originals I would say oh hi isaac. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.<< YES I KNOW I PINNED IT ALREADY ITS THAT IMPORTANT

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Horrible Histories Historical Apprentice (Stone Age) - YouTube Hunting strategies of homo sapien vs. Neanderthal

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Russia - Young Buryat girl in traditional dress, Lake Baikal, Buryatia, Russia. Image: © Photo by Pavel Ageychenko | BaikalNature Team |

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Footprint of a child from Chauvet, c. 30,000 bce. "His second toe was longer than the big toe, giving him what sculptors call a Grecian foot, which in Athenian times was always thought to be a sign of good breeding."

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